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GCAT Championship Points: Explained


In 2024, there will be a maximum of 7 Global Champions Arabians Tour events, each referred to as a “GCAT Event” as extensions of the themes of title shows. The GCAT overall ranking is determined based on the total points earned by each horse and handler across all GCAT Events held during the season. In case of a tie in points at the end of the season, priority will be given to the horse with more placements. Placements are counted as follows: a first-place result is considered higher than a second-place result, and so on. If a tie persists, the participant with more placements, regardless of their specific ranks, will be ranked higher. This prioritization ensures that the horse with a greater number of successful event participations is awarded a higher overall ranking, even if the total points are equal.


GCAT assigns points to the top 10 horses in each of the six championship categories of each GCAT event: Yearling Males, Yearling Females, Junior Males, Junior Females, Senior Males, and Senior Females, totalling 60 horses. Additionally, GCAT allocates points to the top 10 handlers in each championship category. The points are distributed as follows:

1st place – 20 points

2nd place – 17 points

3rd place – 15 points

4th place – 12 points

5th place – 12 points

6th place – 11 points

7th place – 10 points

8th place – 9 points

9th place – 8 points

10th place – 7 points

Points are primarily distributed based on the championship points each horse has earned. When championship points are not applicable, rankings are determined by the highest total score in each horse’s qualifying classes. Additionally, GCAT allocates points to the top 10 handlers in each championship category based on the achievements of their horses in the same way. Only the top 3 results of a handler are taken into consideration in a GCAT Event.