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E.S. Harir Takes Another Gold Stallion Championship for Aljassimya Stud


Cannes, France – 12 June 2024 – The enchanting two-day Arabian horse show, the Global Champions Arabians Tour, concluded with an extraordinary closing ceremony at Cannes’ Stade des Hesperides. Against the backdrop of the glistening Mediterranean and the timeless allure of Cannes, this prestigious event celebrated the majesty and elegance of Arabian horses, captivating enthusiasts and spectators from around the globe.

The Global Champions Arabians Tour, renowned for celebrating Arabian excellence, made a grand stop in Cannes as part of its international journey. This year’s event drew together top breeders, trainers, and handlers who showcased the remarkable breed to a new and engaged audience, along with dedicated followers of the Tour.

The closing ceremony was a breathtaking spectacle, featuring an intricate display of horsemanship and cultural performances that paid homage to France’s rich culture through art, music and film. Highlights included a stunning display of synchronised riding, fireworks and an enchanting rendition of Edith Piaf’s ‘LaVie En Rose’.

“The Global Champions Arabians Tour in Cannes has been an extraordinary success, thanks to the exceptional quality of participants and the captivating cultural elements that enriched the experience,” said Faleh Al-Nasr, Chairman of Global Champions Arabians Tour. “We are proud to have hosted such a remarkable celebration of Arabian horses in this beautiful city, and we look forward to continuing our tour with the same spirit and enthusiasm.”

“We would like to thank Global Partners, Qatar Airways, Doha Bank and Old Doha Port, along with Institutional Partner Ville Cannes and Broadcast Partner Alkass, who have been instrumental in the success of the Tour,” continued Al-Nasr.

Throughout the two-day spectacular show, thousands of guests from all over the world descended on Cannes to see horses from 13 countries compete for the coveted Championships titles and ranking points towards the Leading male, female and handler titles, which will be announced at the finals, taking place in Riyadh this November.

The Cannes Champions are as follows:

Yearling Fillies

Gold – Durrat Al Bidayer, owned and bred by Al Bidayer Stud – Sheikh Mohammed Saoud Sultan Al Qassimi, (U.A.E.)

Silver – D Nafayes, owned and bred by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud (U.A.E.)

Bronze – Royal Futurista, owned by Al Wajba Stud (Qatar) and bred by Cindy McGown

Yearling Colts

Gold – Afreen Al Shaqab, owned and bred by Al Shaqab Stud (Qatar)

Silver – D Borkan, owned and bred by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud (U.A.E.)

Bronze – Aesar Alwajba, owned and bred by Al Wajba Stud (Qatar)

Junior Fillies

Gold – Aisha Al Sheikh, owned and bred by Al Sheikh Stud (Palestine)

Silver – D Najlah, owned and bred by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud (U.A.E.)

Bronze – Shahbrys HVP, owned by Ajmal Stud (KSA) and bred by Agropecuaria Vila Dos Pinheiros

Junior Colts

Gold – Bandar Aljassimya, owned and bred by Aljassimya Stud (Qatar)

Silver – Baz Aljassimya, owned by Akmal Stud (KSA) and bred by Aljassimya Stud

Bronze – D Shakhar, owned and bred by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud (U.A.E.)

Senior Mares

Gold – AJ Kayya, owned and bred by Ajman Stud (U.A.E.)

Silver – Basmah Al Bidayer, owned and bred by Al Bidayer Stud – Sheikh Mohammed Saoud Sultan Al Qassimi, (U.A.E.)

Bronze – Basandra Settimocielo, owned by Ajman Stud (U.A.E.) and bred by Annaratone Ferraroni Maria

Senior Stallions

Gold – E.S. Harir, owned by Aljassimya Farm (Qatar) and bred by Sheikh Abdulla Bin Majid Al Qassimi

Silver – Pilatus PCF, owned by Amer Stud (KSA) and bred by Peacemakers Choice Farms

Bronze – AJ Kafu, owned and bred by Ajman Stud (U.A.E.)


The Tour of Europe continues, with the next stop on this seven-part series taking place in Valkenswaard, the equestrian epicentre of the Netherlands from 20-21 June 2024.