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Global Champions Arabians Tour Kicks Off Inaugural Event with Spectacular Showcase

Press Release: 01.02.2024

The inaugural Global Champions Arabians Tour event commenced its much-anticipated debut yesterday afternoon, marking the beginning of what promises to be an unforgettable journey into the world of Arabian horse excellence. The first day witnessed a dazzling display of horsepower and impressive performances in the Yearling Fillies, Yearling Colts, and Junior Fillies categories. 

The arena came alive with the presence of an impressive selection of Arabian horses, each vying for top honours in their respective categories as qualifications got underway for the Championship events on Monday 5th February. 

Breaking new ground, the Global Champions Arabians Tour introduces a revolutionary format, elevating Arabian Horse competition to unprecedented heights and setting a new standard for the equestrian community. 

“We are shaping a new era and crafting a lasting legacy in Arabian horsemanship, in line with our core values of Excellence, Integrity and Legacy” stated Faleh Al-Nasr, Chairman of the Global Champions Arabians Tour. “The Global Champions Arabians Tour is not just a series of events; it is a celebration of the timeless bond between humans and these impressive animals. Beyond the competition, we are celebrating a shared passion, connecting people and cultures around the world through the magnificence of Arabian Horses.”

With a seven-event Championship unfolding in the inaugural season, the Global Champions Arabians Tour touches down across Europe and the Middle East in a fusion of cultures, sport and equestrian beauty. 

Doha, Qatar – 01- 05 FEBRUARY

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – 22 – 25 FEBRUARY

Muscat, Oman – 30 MARCH – 01 APRIL

Cannes, France – 10 – 11 JUNE

Valkenswaard, Netherlands – 20 – 21 JULY

Rome, Italy – 03 – 04 SEPTEMBER

Paris, France – 06 – 08 DECEMBER

As the Global Champions Arabians Tour of Doha continues, anticipation builds for the remaining days of the inaugural event, where more breathtaking performances and fierce competition are expected. The tour promises to be a landmark in the world of Arabian Horse sports, bringing together the finest of the breed and their dedicated handlers in a celebration of excellence.