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Second Stage of Global Champions Arabians Tour sets off in Abu Dhabi on February 22-25

Excitement ripples through the equestrian world as the Global Champions Arabians Tour gears up for its second stage, poised to make its mark in the vibrant city of Abu Dhabi. Fresh off the heels of a spectacular inaugural event in Doha, where handlers and the most spectacular Arabian horses captivated the audience with their grace and beauty, anticipation soars for what the Abu Dhabi leg will bring.

All eyes are now turned towards the capital city of the UAE, where the competition promises to be fierce and the atmosphere electric with anticipation.

Adding to the excitement, the Global Champions Arabians Tour boasts a total prize money of 17 million euros throughout the season, elevating the stakes and intensifying the competition even further. As handlers and their equine partners ready themselves to take center stage once more, one thing is certain: the Global Champions Arabians Tour is poised to ignite the passions of equestrian enthusiasts around the world, showcasing once again the very best that this timeless sport has to offer.